Civil Law

We advise our clients in the main aspects of civil law, both in contractual features and, specifically, concerning inheritances, a field in which we have deep, extensive experience at both contractual and contentious levels.

Criminal compliance

We provide our clients with the design and implementation of criminal liability programmes, supplying personalised solutions depending on our clients’ sectors and businesses.

Tax law

We cover all areas of taxation and are specialists in both national and international taxation.

 We have a wide experience in tax planning, M&A and tax advice to corporations and individuals. We also have an extensive experience in tax procedures, both at the administrative and judicial levels. Our practice includes the structuring of tax lease vehicles, such as those specialized in R&D  and in the film industry. 

The tax department works in collaboration with other areas of the Firm, specially with the corporate law and labour law departments in order to provide a comprehensive legal advice.

 We are aware that today taxation is a matter that concerns both corporations and individuals and that is why we aim to support our clients in their day-to-day business activities with the goal of providing legal certainty and cost saving.


Labour and social security law

We have strong experience in the fields of labour and social security law, which enables us to advise our clients and offer them the right solutions to resolve their concerns about standard labour relations with workers, social security and the Government..
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  • Senior management contracts
  • Employment protection during company ownership transactions
  • Collective negotiation
  • Employment contracts
  • Advice on and solutions to questions arising from social security contributions, settlements, collections and contributions
  • Accidents at work and work-related illnesses of employees
  • Assistance and representation before the Inspectorate of Work and Social Security
  • Legal management and representation in labour-related legal disputes
  • Legal management and representation in litigation with the labour authorities and social security

Litigation and arbitration

We provide our clients with comprehensive advice in all types of corporate and civil disputes, which range from preventive advice and assistance in pre-trial negotiations to representation in all types of legal proceedings concerning civil and commercial matters, in all their forms.

At LEXVEL, we are pioneers in the establishment of a specific practice regarding claims for damages and losses caused by anti-competitive practices (mainly cartels), a field where we can provide special added value, thanks to our specialised experience in the subject and by providing personalised solutions for our clients.

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  • Commercial litigation
  • Litigation arising from collusive acts
  • Corporate disputes and litigation arising from corporate transactions
  • Unfair competition
  • Disputes arising from distribution contracts (franchises, agencies and representatives)
  • Product liability
  • Disputes in the contracting of finance
  • Contractual and extracontractual civil liability
  • Bankruptcy and financial litigation
  • National arbitration
  • Debt claims

Commercial and corporate law

We provide practical, personalised solutions in the fields of corporate law and commercial contracts, giving advice in all aspects of corporate life, corporate restructurings and the drafting of commercial contracts.
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  • The establishment of companies, the preparation and amendment of articles of association, internal regulations and shareholder agreements
  • The transfer of shares and company holdings
  • Working as or assistance to the work of the secretary of boards of directors
  • Corporate restructuring processes: mergers, divisions, transfers of assets and liabilities, increases and reductions of capital
  • Advice in corporate disputes
  • Preparation and negotiation of corporate contracts: urban leases, purchases of businesses, franchises, representatives and agencies

Industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition

We have extensive experience in providing advice to our clients regarding industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition, which means we can offer comprehensive, sophisticated advice to our clients in these fields of law.
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Advice regarding intellectual property:

  • General advice about the copyright legal system and of copyright related rights
  • Contents contracts: publishing contracts, phonogram production, audiovisual production, assignment of formats and acquisition of contents
  • Advice concerning licences from entities managing intellectual property rights
  • Negotiation of general rates of management entities with associations representing each sector
  • Legal management of legal proceedings due to the infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Legal defence in proceedings heard before the Intellectual Property Commission regarding the closing of websites due to the infringement of rights.

Advice regarding industrial property:

  • General advice about the trademark, patent and industrial design rights legal system
  • Legal defence in proceedings related to the violation, nullity and expiry of trademarks and industrial designs, and the incorrect approval of third-party trademarks
  • Preparation, presentation and monitoring of investigative proceedings of facts, measures for securing of evidence and injunctive relief
  • Legal management of proceedings due to infringement of trademarks related to selective distribution
  • Assignment and licensing contracts of industrial property rights
  • Transfer of technology contracts
  • Technological joint venture contracts
  • Distribution and franchise contracts

Advice regarding unfair competition:

  • Deception and confusion
  • Imitation
  • Use of the work and reputation of others
  • Violation of secrets
  • Unfair recruitment of employees and clientele
  • Exploitation of situations of economic dependence

Legal advice regarding the right to reputation, privacy and image rights:

  • General advice about the legal system concerning rights to reputation, privacy and image rights
  • Assignment and acquisition of image rights
  • Legal management of legal proceedings due to the infringement of rights of reputation, privacy and image rights

Restructuring and insolvencies

We provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients that are experiencing financial problems, in order to offer legal solutions concerning guarantees that will enable them to resolve complicated financial situations.

Our multidisciplinary LEXVEL team enables us to provide legal advice from the point of view of both companies in administration and from the point of view of creditors, in order to provide personalised solutions.

Startups and family business

We are strongly involved in the world of entrepreneurs and of family businesses, fields where the multidisciplinary LEXVEL team can offer cross-cutting, comprehensive legal advice from the very start, to meet all the needs of our clients in these fields.

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